Albury Wodonga Farmers’ Market

Website Redevelopment

Does your website need some love?

We’ve recently given the Albury Wodonga Farmers’ Market website a bit of a facelift! Revamping your website is a great way to boost your conversions, improve the visitor experience, and attract more customers.

The most important thing about this question is knowing when to ask it. Most small businesses are masters of their craft, not website experts. That’s why 95% of small businesses have outdated websites.

Here are some ways to know whether it’s time for a website redesign:

  • Does it work on mobile devices?
  • Is your website secure?
  • Does it look outdated?
  • Is it easy to update yourself?
  • Does it let your customers communicate with you?
  • Is your website fast?
  • Is your website doing its job?
  • Is your website helping you increase sales?
  • Does your website make your business better?

Does your website need a revamp? Is your website doing everything it could be to help you build a business as great as your ambitions? If you don’t think it is or even if you’re unsure, Wmedia can help you with a website audit. Contact us.

What we did

  • Concept
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Website