About Us.

We believe that having two people running a studio allows us and those who do business with us to benefit from our shared passion for our work and from our complementary talents and strengths, with none of the red tape that comes with larger agencies.

Nic Wilke
DOP and Creative Content

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Nic has been practicing aerial videography and cinematography for over 8 years. Whilst his tertiary background lies in graphic design and photography, he has now established himself as a leader in the field of drones, aerial cinematography and terrestrial filming.

Nic is an accomplished remote pilot with thousands of hours airtime matched with in-depth technical knowledge. This combined with an expert understanding of cameras, commercial photography, design, workflows in pre and post production, gives him the capability of capturing high quality footage every time.

Nic also instructs and trains new pilots. He is a leader in the use of UAV for aerial cinematography and deployment of drones into commercial and industrial environments.

Mel Wilke
Creative Director

Mel is a highly passionate, professional designer and creative director with over two decades of experience. With smart strategy, targeted concepts, and creative leadership founded in cooperation, integrity and respect, Mel gets results. In the process, she builds strong client, co-worker and vendor trust.

You can expect her to listen, ask the right questions, and hit the ground running with strategies and ideas presented intelligently, executed accordingly, produced on time and on budget. She’s worked with big and small agencies, on staff and freelance, in all the media you would expect.

Mel believes that every detail makes a difference. That’s why Wmedia has an extensive network of collaborators in a wide variety of disciplines who can provide assistance on demand whenever necessary.

If this doesn’t convince you, give her a call.


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